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Specializing in research and development, production and sales of aluminum silver paste

Danyang Meierxin Chemical CO.,Ltd.was founded in 2003 and is currently located in Danyang,Jiangsu.It is a national high-tech enterprise that  integrates  Research  &Development,production,and sales of aluminum  pigment.
The company's various paste,powder and pelletized aluminium pigment products reach annual production capacity of 3000 tons,which are widely applied in automobile,household appliances,3C,ink,coating and other industries.
The company has first-class production and testing equipment,using high-purity raw materials and advanced production processes to ensure the excellence and stability of product quality.
At present,the company has provided product services to multiple countries and regions around the world,and its products have passed multiple environmental  protection  system testing  and  certification.As  a  result,the  company  has  received  recognition  and  cooperation from more and more customers.

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Professional team

The company has a professional R & D team, all of which are high-end talents with rich technical experience in the waterborne aluminum silver slurry industry for many years

See the effect after sales

A team of professional engineers can solve various problems in the use of aluminum silver slurry for customers

Efficient and fast

Fast delivery, factory direct sales, worry free supply

Sales network

It has a huge sales network to provide customers with more convenient services and personalized needs.


The products are widely used in plastic chassis paint, automobile paint, hardware appliance paint, motorcycle paint, bicycle paint and other fields.


Plastic Case Paint


Car Paint


Hardware Home Appliance Paint


Motorcycle Paint


Bike Paint



"Oil to water" ushered in a golden year, water-based coatings will dominate the market

The word "environmental protection" has become a hot word in recent years. With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, relevant state departments attach great importance to environmental protection issues. Take the paint industry as an example, the policy of "replacing oil to water" has been deepened, "reforming bricks and bricks" for environmental protection work.



Understand how to choose aluminum silver paste in one second

Aluminum silver paste, also known as aluminum powder paste, is an inorganic pigment mainly used in paint and ink printing.



How to choose the right water-based aluminum silver paste

How to choose the right water-based aluminum-silver paste? There are many kinds of water-based aluminum-silver pastes on the market, and it is easy to pick and choose. But as the saying goes: there is no best water-based aluminum-silver paste, only the most suitable water-based aluminum-silver paste. Today, I will talk to you about how to choose a suitable water-based aluminum silver paste.

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