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Imitation electroplating
Because the distribution is very uniform and the particle size distribution is very narrow, it has very high metal effect and hiding power. The silver paste reflects very good brilliance and harmonious hue,
Flash silver
This collection features unique sparkle, brightness and flop effects. Strong flash type has good dispersibility. High flash type has good brightness and stable metal effect.
Fine silver
Through a very narrow distribution of very fine particle size and very thin micro-lens pigments, it provides very good reflection performance and mirror smoothness, with a silky metallic luster and a chrome-like effect.
High-brightness fine silver
Compared with fine silver, the production process of this series of aluminum silver paste is finer, the particle shape is more regular and uniform, and the particle distribution is more concentrated. Its superior performance is mainly reflected in making the coating surface more delicate and uniform, with excellent whiteness, improved brightness and stronger covering power.
Floating aluminum silver paste
Special surface treatment process, the product has easy dispersion, good covering power, uniform particle size distribution, smooth and fine surface, strong metal effect and angular discoloration effect.

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Contact information

Phone: +86 139-5140-5134

Fax: +86  0511-86828478


Add:Lvcheng Industrial Park, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province(Head Office)






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